Big Plans for 2015

In December, I graduated from the University of Illinois with a library science master’s degree. Post-graduation, I have been dreaming and scheming about what I would like to do with Delightful Children’s Books, and I thought I would share some of these plans with you.

peter sis mural

One of the highlights of graduate school was studying beside Peter Sis’s murals at the Champaign Public Library.

In 2015, I will be focussing on reviewing newly published books and updating existing booklists. In the past, I have focused on publishing lists of the best books on various topics, regardless of when the books were published. I may still add a new booklist from time to time, but my focus will be on reviewing newly published books and updated existing booklists.

I am an aspiring elementary school librarian, and, as such, I will be highlighting great books for elementary school students. In my mind, I am writing this blog for school librarians, elementary school teachers and elementary school parents/caregivers.

I do not plan to critically review every book published. Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal and Booklist have that covered. I also do not plan to critically review books being widely discussed elsewhere. Instead, I plan to highlight books that you may not hear about elsewhere that I am excited to add to my [future] library collection and recommend to teachers and students. I will focus on picture books, nonfiction picture books, early readers and graphic novels and may throw in an early chapter book from time to time.

I have more dreams and schemes, but the rest are less firmly pinned down. Suffice it to say that I am interested in…

  • how to motivate kids to read,
  • how to incorporate excellent, inspiring nonfiction texts into the curriculum, and
  • how to use technology to improve student learning…

…and these interests may be reflected in the content of this blog and associated Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds if you stick around long enough.

Thanks so much for reading Delightful Children’s Books and for commenting, connecting and discussing! Cheers to 2015!

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15 Responses to Big Plans for 2015

  1. Congratulations Amy for your graduation ! and also for your wonderful intentions in helping us and everyone in helping others continue to love books. You are doing it already ! Happy 2015

  2. Hi, Amy. Congrats on finishing your program, and good luck with your plans for 2015!!

  3. Hello Amy, congrats on your graduation!
    I would fall under the category of a parent who is a children’s book maniac. My kids are teens now, but I’ve been reading, buying and enjoying children’s books since before they were born! At this stage in my life, I am following your blog as part of my “education” in picture books in that I am an aspiring author/illustrator who has more love for the art of picture books and children than I do sense. :)
    Congrats again, and best wishes for 2015!
    I will look for you on FB and Pinterest. (I tried Twitter and just didn’t get the same “connect” feel that Pinterest or Instagram provide. Probably just me.)
    -Sandy Brooks Foster

  4. writersideup says:

    Amy, it sounds like a wonderful plan and a BiG CONGRATS on graduating! :D

  5. Anya says:

    Congratulations on Your graduation! As a parent and book maniac I will look forward to more wonderful posts you are going to make :)

  6. Sounds good! Looking forward to your posts…

  7. I am a local nonprofit director and our focus is early childhood education and being sure they are ready to learn. I spend a lot of time with five year olds reading to/with them. I’m always looking for new books. Something they haven’t heard a million times. I especially like a lot of the indie authors. I will be anxious to follow along.

    • Amy says:

      My youngest is 5 and in pre-K. I think I will always be interested in all stages of you kids learn to read — from first understanding words and stories to learning to sound out words to becoming confident and hopefully enthusiastic independent readers. I hope to keep my learn-to-read booklists for kids ages 0-5 updated too. We’ll see. Thanks for commenting and introducing yourself!

  8. I guess I fall under the “elementary school parent” category, but I’m also just someone who loves children’s books in general, so either way, I’m definitely interested in keeping up on all your posts this year and being introduced to great new books!!!

    • Amy says:

      While you happen to be a parent, your comment made me realized that I should, more accurately, have said that the intended audience is anyone on the lookout for good books to share with elementary school kids, including caregivers of all sorts, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends… Welcome, and thanks for leaving a comment and link to your blog!

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