Celebrate International Book Giving Day This February 14th!

February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day. It is also International Book Giving Day, a day dedicated to getting new, used, and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible.

I first proposed that people celebrate International Book Giving Day right here at Delightful Children’s Books — a mere 10 days before International Book Giving Day 2012. The holiday seems to be gaining traction.

This year, well known children’s authors from around the world including Mem Fox, Barney Saltzberg, Sindiwe Magona, Ed Emberley, Chris Haughton, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Baba Wague Diakite, Katrina Germein, Don Tate, Peter H. Reynolds, Viviane Schwarz, Ashley Spires, Rebecca Emberley,  Patricia Polacco, John Parra, Clara Vulliamy, Barney Saltzberg, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, Kelly Starling Lyons, Chris Monroe, Andrew Zuckerman, Todd Parr, Deborah Freedman and Priya Kuriyan are giving books to children on February 14th and are encouraging others to do the same.

international book giving day poster by priya kuriyan

International Book Giving Day 2013 poster – to print (pdf)

You are invited to celebrate International Book Giving Day by:

1. Giving a Book to a Friend or Relative.

Is there a child in your life who would enjoy receiving a book on February 14th? In lieu of or in addition to a card or box of chocolates, choose a good book from a bookstore or public library to give to your child, grandchild, friend, or neighbor.

2. Leaving a Book in a Waiting Room or Lobby.

Choose a waiting room where kids are stuck waiting and there are few to no good books available. Purchase a good book, and deposit your book covertly or overtly in your waiting room of choice. The goal here is to spread the love of reading to kids, so choose a fun book, nothing controversial.

3. Donating a Book.

Wrap up a box of children’s books that your kids have outgrown and get them into the hands of children who could really use a book or two. Donate your books to your local second hand store, library, children’s hospital, or nonprofit organization working to ensure that all kids have access to books.

For those of you interested in sneakily depositing children’s books in waiting rooms, we have International Book Giving Day stickers and bookplates available that you can affix to books to let people know that the books were left intentionally. See International Book Giving Day’s Zazzle store to purchase stickers and bookplates. All proceeds will be donated to Room to Read, Books for Africa and Book Aid International.

International Book Giving Day is a grassroots, 100% volunteer initiative! If you like the idea, please consider printing these fantastic International Book Giving Day posters and posting them in your community!

The International Book Giving Day 2013 poster — which we’re sharing for the first time today — was designed by Indian children’s illustrator Priya Kuriyan. Kuriyan has illustrated books for Room to Read and Pratham Books and is a big believer in the importance of providing access to books to all children.

Connect with others celebrating International Book Giving Day:

International Book Giving Day planning team:

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20 Responses to Celebrate International Book Giving Day This February 14th!

  1. Laura says:

    I’d like to know what the large yellow object is in the center of the page.. is it the back of a chair? or the sun perhaps?

  2. Amanda says:

    This sounds awesome!!! I am definitely going to participate. My son will be taking books to nursery school along with his Valentines on the 14th, and I am going to print a few posters and see if I can hang them around my daughter’s school – maybe a few parents and teachers will jump on the band wagon :)

    Our old nursery school always played a game of Musical Books as part of the Christmas party – each child brought in a wrapped children’s book and passed them around the circle while the music played and at the end of the game everyone had a fun new book to add to their library. The teacher made the game last bit longer and added a little fun and drama by starting and stopping a few times, which always got the children wiggling and giggling – this had to be done quickly before an eager child started ripping open the wrapping paper!
    I love books and have often given them as gifts, but I had never thought of doing it for Valentine’s Day. I hope your initiative continues to grow!

    What size is your poster when printed?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Allison says:

    I will be blogging about this over at betterwithabook.com! Love it!

  4. This is such a fabulous idea! I have been gathering books and on Feb. 14 they will move from my shelf into students’ hands.

  5. MotherReader says:

    What a wonderful idea! I did a recent donation of picture books for a needy family Christmas “shop,” and Feb 14th is a perfect deadline for me to pull some more selections for their ongoing family outreach.

    • Amy says:

      Great! I saw your post about donating books! I was hesitant to comment and kind of advertise International Book Giving Day on your blog. -Amy

  6. beckymorales says:

    We have already gathered a box of books and are brainstorming on where we can donate them!:)

  7. PragmaticMom says:

    I will blog about it too!

  8. Lee Wind says:

    Great idea – will blog about it at SCBWI: The Blog on Feb 14! So glad you’re part of the Comment Challenge! Best, Lee

  9. Beth says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to share books with my elementary book club — we may have to do this a week early, since we won’t see each other on the 14th…

    • Amy says:

      Bending the date is absolutely fine! Our local bookstore is holding a reading / book drive the weekend before so that more people can come.

      I read to a group of 2nd graders and have been considering wrapping up library books that I have selected for each of them and giving them to them as Valentine’s Day presents. With a book club full of kids who already love books, you could encourage them to try something new by holding a book swap or library book gifting party, where each child draws another child’s name, picks out a book that they think the other kid would enjoy from the library, and gives it to them as a V-times day present. A book club may also be interested in holding a book drive and collecting books for kids in need in their community.

      Best wishes,

  10. Pen and Ink will be delighted to participate. The waiting room idea is great.

  11. Each time I see that great poster I like it more!

    • Amy says:

      Ditto, and thanks again Priya!

      • Gayatri says:

        abatchy / مشكور على الشرح وعندي تعديل بسيط علشان الارقام كلها تطلع صح من غير مسافات او اقواس في Region Format اختار u.s. virgin isdlans بدل United Kingdomوادعيلي 0 0

  12. Stacey says:

    I love the idea of leaving a book in a waiting room. The books in waiting rooms always look so tired. A fresh new book would often be such a great addition!

    • Amy says:

      The idea for International Book Giving Day came to me while I was in a waiting room. I have heard people say that library books are the most loved books (i.e. most read books) (which is a wonderful thought), but I was thinking that waiting room books may be even more loved.

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