Join Us Friday Morning for Halloween Picture Book Recommendations

Brooke Williams, a children’s librarian from New Haven, Connecticut, is joining me on Friday morning (8am CST/9am EST) to recommend Halloween-themed picture books. I met Brooke a couple weeks ago in New York City at a children’s book blog conference, KidLitCon. Brooke and I look forward to reuniting and sharing our favorite Halloween-themed picture books with you right here via the wonders of modern technology (i.e. a Google+ hangout).

The Halloween-themed picture books are flying off the shelves at our public library. Kids love Halloween, and kids love Halloween-themed picture books. However, as many of you are well aware, many, if not most, Halloween-themed picture books are untenable. On Friday morning, Brooke and I will share six Halloween-themed picture books that you will want to have in your back pocket, ready to pull out when Halloween season hits.

This Google+ hangout is part of a series of Google+ hangouts called Parents Who Make Halloween Happen.

Brooke is resurrecting a blog that she started in graduate school called Show Some Spine. Check it out. I think it will be good.

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