Summer Reading Challenge: Week 3. Create a reading nook.

This week for our Summer Reading Challenge we are creating reading nooks – spaces that invite kids to curl up with a good book.

While children do not need fancy reading nooks to read, they are more likely to read if they have someplace quiet to read with…

  • Good light,
  • Comfy seating, and
  • Books!

With a little ingenuity, you can create a nice reading nook with things you have on hand. Creating a reading nook could mean simply moving a reading lamp and a box of books next to a comfy chair. We recently put a nightstand and lamp next to my 5-year-old daughter’s bed and have caught her reading much more frequently than before.

If you would like to create a more elaborate reading nook, here are examples of 7 types of reading nooks that are sure to inspire…

The Keep-it-Simple Reading Nook

      1. Apartment Therapy
      2. Made by Girl
      3. Apartment Therapy
      4. The Sleepy Time Gal

See more reading nooks after the break!

The Closet Turned Reading Nook

      1. Dos Family
      2. Apartment Therapy
      3. Little Hell Raiser
      4. Wondertime (via Apartment Therapy)

The DIY Tent Reading Nook

      1. Cakies
      2. Apartment Therapy
      3. Moozle – An Etsy shop where you can purchase this and other play tents.

The Reclaimed Space Reading Nook

      1. Hus & Hem (via The Boo and the Boy)
      2. These Moments of Mine
      3. Family Living (via The Boo and the Boy)
      4. Modern Parents Messy Kids

The Chair Makes the Reading Nook Reading Nook

      1. Baby Space
      2. Cookie Magazine (via The Boo and the Boy)
      3. Opening the Book Furniture
      4. Dream Gym

The Built-In Reading Nook

      1. Design Sponge
      2. 24 Free Dinners
      3. S.R. Gambrel
      4. Desire to Inspire

The Whimsical Reading Nook

      1. Desire to Inspire
      2. Cookie Magazine (via The Boo and the Boy)
      3. Apartment Therapy
      4. Let the Children Play

Summer Reading Challenge:

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10 Responses to Summer Reading Challenge: Week 3. Create a reading nook.

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Amy says:

    Oh, wow! I love these! Makes me think that even with our small space right now, I can create an inviting space to read in.

  3. samacwns says:

    My favorite reading nook was always a big cardboard box! Those things were awesome!

  4. easyondeyes says:

    I Love Love Love these images. Especially, the whimsical one. :D I’m thinking it’s not too late for one of these for me even now ;) Though, of course if I had a reading nook like that growing up I would have probably just thrown roots and gotten fixed to the ground there! Lol!

    – Sharmistha

  5. These are lovely reading nooks. I can see you love Pinterest too! I have a lot of these cozy nooks saved as well! LOL!

  6. Amy Rhodes says:

    I love these ideas. We have a reading area at home in the corner of my daughters bedroom it is just really simple a few scatter cushions that she picked they are big black fluffy ones and loads of books in boxes. I think that it is really important to have the books so they are accessible for the child to pick their own. Having the books at her level also encourages independence with the books as very often she will go in her room and pick some out. The other day we made a reading den and used glow sticks to decorate it, it was a lovely hour to just sit and read together.

    • Amy says:

      I agree that it’s valuable to have books where young kids can reach them. I have been surprised by how often I catch my 2-year-old pulling books off of the two bookshelves that are at his level and reading to himself. Also, he often initiates reading sessions by grabbing a book and asking me to read it to him.

      I also absolutely agree that reading nooks need not be complicated! Someplace comfy to sit + books + good light…that’s it!

  7. What an awesome array of reading nooks – I think these need to be for big kids too!!!

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