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Are you looking for the perfect present for a child in your life? Then head on over to the toy section, my friend. Children do not get excited about books…Wait! Wait! Wait! After a little thought, I take that back. I can absolutely come up with book recommendations that children will get excited about.

Are you looking for a book for a baby or toddler? For a young child who loves dance or space or nature? For a child who is ready for their first library card, magazine subscription, or chapter book? Here are some gift-worthy choices.

A Library Card

Wrap your child’s brand spankin’ new, very own library card in a pretty little box, in a wallet, or with a book or two that you have borrowed from the library. Your child need not know that you did not spend a dime to get them a really cool present.

A Picture Book About a Subject Your Child Loves

Here are a few excellent books for young star gazers, dancers, bug watchers, soccer stars, artists, and children who like to laugh. They (and you!) will enjoy reading these books over and over.

Space (See also 11 Children’s Books About Stars and Space)

Dance (See also 10 Children’s Books About Dance)

Nature (See also nature-themed booklists)

Soccer (See also 7 Children’s Books About Soccer)

Art (See also 7 Books to Encourage Your Young Artist)

Humor (See also 10 Super Silly Books)

A Recently Published Picture Book That is Sure to Delight

There have been many amazing picture books published in the past couple of years. Here are a few that strike me as irresistible.

Their First Chapter Book

I received my first chapter book as a Christmas present from my aunt and uncle, and it was so exciting and memorable. (The Secret Language by Ursula Nordstrom. I was in first grade.)

A Magazine Subscription

Like a child’s first chapter book, a child’s first magazine subscription is memorable and would make a fantastic gift. Here are some excellent choices. We subscribe to three of them.

A Great Addition to the Home Library — For Babies and Toddlers

You are in luck! Books are often just as exciting as toys to babies and toddlers. Heck, wrapping paper is often just as exciting as toys to babies and toddlers. This is the perfect time to build a library that children will enjoy and get more use out of than any toy.

Classics for Your Child

Lesser Known Gems

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