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I generally stick to recommending picture books. However, when I thought about the wonderful educational resources available for teaching children about other countries, I got excited about sharing them with you. Those of you Reading Around the World will undoubtedly discover something neat to share with children if you check out the resources below — e.g. an Amazon Rainforest video, a Japanese flag coloring page, a South African sweet potato cookie recipe… Take a look!

National Geographic Kids Website * – A fantastic, kid-friendly website with facts, photos, videos, maps, e-cards and printable cards about 40+ countries from around the world.

Flags of the World Website * – The most comprehensive source of printable flags available on the internet.

Pretend Passport Template * — Angela at Satori Smiles shares instructions and a template for creating pretend passports for kids.

Smithsonian Folkways’ YouTube Channel * – An amazing collection of videos of musicians from around the world. To appeal to young children, parents and teachers will likely have to spend a little time selecting and introducing these videos.

The Kids’ Multicultural Cookbook by Deanna Cook — A cookbook with facts about various countries, international games, and suggestions for throwing international parties, as well as recipes from around the world. The Kids Multicultural Cookbook is sufficiently entertaining that my six-year-old reads it for fun when we have no plans to cook. The recipes are easy-to-make and generally appealing to young children.

Illustrated Children’s Map of the World – A large, laminated world map with engaging illustrations of animals and landmarks from around the world.

GeoPuzzles – I covet GeoToys puzzles. They look like an excellent, fun way for kids to learn where countries are located.

World Map Shower Curtain – Educational and attractive!

* Free!

For more educational resources:

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