5 Books to Inspire an Indoor Gardening Project

Temperatures inched above freezing today! While we enjoyed the relative warmth, we know that outdoor gardening season is still several months away. It is hard to wait that long for greenery. Instead of waiting, we are reading about plants and have started an indoor gardening project.

There is a race going on at our house between three bean plants. My kids have named the bean plants Lily, Abraham, and Washington.

One Bean by Anne Rockwell and Megan Halsey. Describes two kids planting a bean seed and watching it grow. Anne Rockwell does a great job of avoiding technical words and describing details about the growing bean plant that observant kids would notice. One Bean is the perfect book to read before having kids plant their own bean seeds. Ages 3+

Plant Secrets by Emily Goodman and Phyllis Limbacher Tildes. Describes the life cycle of flowering plants, from seeds to plants to flowers to fruits to seeds. Plant Secrets’ engaging format keeps kids guessing about what will happen next. “These fruits have a secret. Can you guess what’s insides?” The book follows four plants — a rose, a tomato, an oak tree, and a pea — through their life cycle. Kids will have fun guessing what each of these four seeds will turn into. Ages 3+

How a Seed Grows by Helene Jordan and Loretta Krupinski. Offers an idea for a really cool gardening project. In How a Seed Grows, two kids plant twelve bean seeds. Every day or two they dig up a new seed and, over the course of a few weeks, they are able to watch the root and shoot of the bean plant grow. Ages 3+

Linnea’s Windowsill Garden by Cristina Bjork and Lena Anderson. I love this book! Linnea is a captivating character to introduce kids to indoor gardening. Linnea introduces kids to her plants (e.g. her scarlet runner bean plant that she’s named Scarlet) and provides numerous ideas for indoor gardening projects. Ages 4+

Your First Garden Book by Marc Brown. Provides instructions for a variety of indoor and outdoor gardening projects including growing potatoes in a bucket, growing a flying monster plant, and creating an indoor desert garden. Ages 4+

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