2011 Caldecott Medal Winner Announced

The 2011 Caldecott Medal winner, announced yesterday, is A Sick Day for Amos McGee, illustrated by Erin Stead and written by her husband Philip Stead. Erin Stead is a mere 28-years-old, and A Sick Day for Amos McGee is her debut.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee is a very sweet book about a friendship between a zookeeper named Amos and the animals he cares for. When Amos gets sick, his friends elephant, tortoise, penguin, rhinocerous and owl come to his house to comfort and care for him. Erin Stead’s lovely, layered illustrations convincingly depict the friendship between Amos and the zoo animals.

The Caldecott Medal, administered by the American Library Association, recognizes the best illustrated American picture book for children published in the United States during the preceding year. The award is named after Randolph Caldecott, an influential 19th century English children’s illustrator. The Caldecott Medal has been awarded annually since 1938.

Here is a list of and information about the ten most recent Caldecott Medal winners.

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2 Responses to 2011 Caldecott Medal Winner Announced

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for dropping by BTT this week! It took me a while to get this title in from Amazon, but once I did, I loved it. The kids loved the illustrations- and loved following the red balloon, mouse and bird on every page. I used this book to teach character to kids and it was a hit!

  2. I finally read this book the other day while I was in the book store. The illustrations really are amazing! And a very sweet story…

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